Massage Therapy

Sports massage (pre/post event and preparation Sport Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Cryomassage) – ” is essential for optimum treatment of certain injuries and is excellent for helping prevent sports injuries”( – Sports massage is a treatment that helps to identify and treat potential injuries early, thus preventing them from developing into significant problems. Sports Massage also helps aid in Post Injury recovery and releases tension in muscles through deep tissue massage and a variety of muscle release techniques. The aim is to maintain muscle condition, increase flexibility, enabling full range of movement, which will contribute to a overall better performance.



Happy Hour Massage for early birds

We understand, that in your busy schedule sometimes is difficult to accommodate essential part of your training – SPORT RECOVERY MODALITIES ( Sport Massage, acupuncture, dry needling, EMS, stretching )

Specially for you, we will open as early 7am to 8am to be able to provide you with early morning recovery, preparation service – 60 minutes of treatments of your choice and need available in the practice – only £40 ( when booked in advance ).

You can buy your morning time – pay monthly

  • one dedicated day (eg. always Mondays at 7am) 4 sessions – £37 x 4sessions – £148 ( not transferable)
  • two dedicated days ( eg. Monday and Wednesday ) 8 sessions £35 x 8sessions – £280 ( not transferable)













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