Physiotherapy consultation(History taking, expert advice, up to 30min) £35
Physiotherapy Assessment
(History taking, 1st Treatment, Materials and Handouts, Expert Advice , up to 75min)
Therapeutic exercises (up to 30min)/ £35
Sport Massage (per area e.g. back, legs, arms etc 45min ) £45
Kinesiotaping (20min ) £20
Mixed therapeutic modalities (up to 75min) £55
Therapeutic exercises program handout (  after the initial  consultation only) £15
Communication letters: GP,work, external services, £25
Physiotherapy Report £55/hr
Domiciliary visists:
      up to 5 miles from DY8 1TE – up to 60min £60
      over 5 miles from DY8 1TE add £0.6 /mile

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